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Review & Renew at 50, Pre Registeration

If you are interested in the Review and Renew at 50 Personal Growth Program and would like to pre-register, please submit the following information. You will be kept up to date and informed when registration opens in mid-December.

About The Program

Who is the program for?

Review and Renew at 50 is for women who want to celebrate turning 50 or being over 50—women who embrace mindful personal growth as an ongoing part of renewal on the wondrous journey through life. Our program gives you the opportunity to go through a process that is specifically designed for the transformation of  mid-life to inspire hope, joy, peace and a sense of purpose as we move into our 50’s and beyond. It connects a community of like-spirited women who have shared similar life experiences and who want to celebrate and renew together.

The program is also for women who fear getting older—women who would prefer to ignore the event without taking time to acknowledge the transition but at the same time are becoming aware that change is inevitable. They are used to being in control of everything in their lives, but the evidence of getting older and slowing down are present. It’s really scary to be getting older because it can’t be stopped—and who knows what’s next? I want to tell you that turning 50 and growing older is not something that can be controlled, but how you perceive this transition is something that can be.

The Review and Renew program helps you focus on the unique opportunities that exist at this unfamiliar, exciting level of maturity rather than focusing on what is being lost through age. It provides guidance and support to help overcome the fear of turning 50 or just getting older.

Review and Renew at 50 at a Glance

This personal growth program is like taking a year long, online course. It includes lessons, assignments, and a “study group” with other participants.

Review and Renew at 50, at its core, is about learning to make intentional choices to focus on personal awareness and move forward into the next stage of life with renewed energy. At 50, we are entering into unfamiliar territory as our bodies and brains feel like they are slowing down and we begin to fear we are experiencing more loss than gain. The program is intended to help you focus on all there is to celebrate in life, embrace your unique gifts, and branch out into new possibilities that you can create in your own life.


The program is designed specifically to be a balance of deep growth work and lightheartedness, to keep it from being overwhelming. Small steps are offered and spread out over the course of the year as I believe long lasting, meaningful growth happens over time. The experience includes reading, audio recordings, self-exploration, writing, storytelling, mindful reflections, sharing, and guided journaling.

Metaphorically, if you think about watering a plant or a tree, if you water too much and too quickly, the water tends to run away from the tree, does not get absorbed, and ultimately does not nourish the tree. However, if water is provided consistently, over a period of time in smaller amounts, the tree is able to take in the water and benefit from all of its growth producing elements.

How does the program work?

The Review and Renew at 50 personal growth program includes a series of fifty lessons and exercises that are sent by email each week. The idea is to focus on one unit per week throughout the entire year of 2015. An online membership area is where you can go to access the current and archived material, as well as the “Growth Garden” members discussion area.

The fifty lessons are divided into the twelve monthly units of personal growth (referred to as the Roots of Renewal).

You will be sent a weekly email reminder letting you know the current content and growth work exercises are available. Rolling content out on a weekly basis allows time to focus on the presented lessons and not be tempted to move ahead without giving at least a week’s attention to the current growth work. In addition, you will be part of the Review and Renew at 50 online community. Share you challenges, your successes, and your “a-ha” moments. You can also offer support and understanding to others who may be struggling. This is where everyone is in this journey of turning 50 together.

Your year long program includes the following :

  • Twelve Root of Renewal growth topics with lessons, questions and activities designed to deepen learning and self awareness. (values at $360)
  • Twelve “Faces of 50″ stories—a monthly featured story from a mentor woman who is “on the other side of 50″. She will share her wisdom and a Growth Work exercise will explore your learning. (valued at $120)
  • The last 50 Years in review- one year is featured each week, with highlights of the significant events, music, pop culture, and trends that were a part of the featured years. Over the course of the year, we will remember and reflect on the past 50 years from 1965 through 2014. (valued at $150)
  • Twelve Life Reflection assignments to review your personal history and experiences. (valued at $120)
  • Online Growth Garden membership discussion area to share learning and offer support. (valued at $120)
  • 52 email prompts and weekly touchpoints (valued at $50)
  • Private Review and Renew at 50 Facebook group. This is where interested participants will “socialize.” Share birthday wishes, photos, encouraging quotes, memories, etc.
  • a Review and Renew at 50 customized journal. Made from recycled materials, it will be sent to your home address. (valued at $15)

Total Value: $935


For those who want the additional personal support of life coaching, there is an option to connect with Patti at a deeper level through her Explore Life Coaching service. There will be a limited number of coaching spots available throughout the year.

Find out more about life coaching at Explore Life Coaching.

How The Program Starts

We begin the week of January 1, 2015, by getting set for the year of reflection and renewal that lies ahead. This will include the Welcome Letter, the Growth Guide, Intention Setting growth-sheet, and an invitation to introduce ourselves to others who have joined the Review and Renew online community.

Each week, for the rest of 2015, you will receive a weekly email and growth-work. For two weeks in the summer, the last week of July and the first week of August, we will take a “recess” from the growth work to re-energize for the second half of the program.