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Review & Renew at 50, Pre Registeration

If you are interested in the Review and Renew at 50 Personal Growth Program and would like to pre-register, please submit the following information. You will be kept up to date and informed when registration opens in mid-December.


When does the registration open?

Registration will open mid-December and stay open until the first week of January.  The first email will be sent January 1st, and it will contain all the preliminary information to get prepared for the year to come. If you register between January 1 and 7 it will be easy for you to get caught up and the “program” officially begins with the email content on January 8.

Can I still take part in the program if I turn(ed) 50 in another year?

Yes, yes you can! I have heard from a number of people who turned 50 a few years ago and feel disappointed they missed out on an opportunity like this to really celebrate their 50th birthday. If this is you, you are welcome to join! If you don’t turn 50 for a few years, the plan is to offer the program every year for those turning 50 sometime down the road. So if you can wait, you’re time will come. If you feel like you’re in need of this program right now, please join. You know yourself best.

I’m not turning 50 until late in the year so I’ll be 49 for much of the program. Why do I have to start in January?

The idea of everyone starting together is to allow people to connect in the discussion area.  Regardless of whether your birthday is in January or December, you will have likely has similar experiences. Because of the same birth year, we share the same milestones like entering school, graduating high school, entering college, etc.

The plan is for the Review and Renew at 50 Program to be offered in all following years for others when they turn 50. If you feel more connected to people born in a later year, you are certainly more than welcome to wait until to go on your Review and Renew journey.

How much time will it take each week to complete the assignments?

This really depends on how deeply you want to dig within  yourself to explore and grow. In general, it shouldn’t take more than an hour per week. If you choose to simply read the content without reflecting on your own values, beliefs, and actions, it will be minimal time required. The idea of giving a week in between assignments is to make sure there is plenty of time to do the work and let the learning soak in.

Do I need to be really good with a computer to take part in the program?

In general, if you can manage Facebook, you’ll be able to manage this program. Once you are registered, you can log in on the Review and Renew at 50 website anytime you like to access the current and archived material and the discussions.

To make it even easier, the weekly email will prompt you to take some sort of action and provide links to the current content.

It is recommended you have easy access to a computer and that you ensure your security features on your computer do not block emails from arriving in your Inbox. Access to a printer is recommended so you can print the worksheets.

I suggest you get a personal journal or notebook to document your thoughts and ideas in writing throughout the year. In case you didn’t notice, if you register at the $365 (or higher) pay-what-you please pricing level, you will receive a free Review and Renew at 50 journal.