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Review & Renew at 50, Pre Registeration

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Meet Patti

Hello! I’m Patti Phillips and I’m 50

I want to share a gift with you.

Patti Phillips

I invite you to join me and a community of women who are ready to celebrate turning 50 together for the entire year of 2015.

For my 50th birthday, I decided I wanted to create a personal renewal process for all women turning 50 so that you can focus on the positive aspects of getting older. I admit that it’s not easy to stay positive when your body begins to ache, wrinkles stare back at you in the mirror, you start losing the people you love, and you wonder if your life has meaning. So many of you are sharing this experience and it brings me joy and purpose to bring like-spirited women together to facilitate learning and personal growth.

Time for change

When I turned 45, one thought became very present with me: I’m running out of time. I have a limited amount of time left to live my life, and even if I live to be 90, I’m half way done!

I was becoming more and more aware that I was being pulled away from my natural, authentic self, and it was time for profound change.  That year, I quit my job and started a life coaching business. I went from living a structured, confined, busy, mainstream lifestyle to an alternative one with flexibility, freedom, and time. No longer feeling able to tolerate society’s supposed-tos, and needing to meet the expectations of others while putting my needs aside, I learned to trust my intuition. I discovered what was truly valuable in my life through an internal exploration that my career change had afforded me.

As I approached and turned 50, I knew I wanted to share what I have learned about living authentically with others who are turning 50.

Living authentically

In the past five years, I’ve explored and discovered the things that, for me, lead to a life of purpose, joy, and peace. Through my life coaching service I’ve learned what many women are really looking for in their mid-lives, and I’ve had a lot of time to look back and review my own life experiences and how they’ve contributed to who I am today. I’ve read and absorbed literature about personal growth and development at every opportunity. I’ve taken certification courses and learned to facilitate a variety of personal growth processes. I’ve learned about energy sources, neuroscience, spirituality, and positive psychology.  I’ve paid attention to how certain practices of thinking and doing (mindfulness, journaling, intention setting, healthy eating, being grateful and generous) affect physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. And I’ve connected with other women who live with renewed spirit and radiate positive energy.

I’m attentive to my own life because I have the time and focus to be attentive, and I experience, daily, what it’s like to live authentically and express my true nature.

The past two and a half years has also included the greatest losses I have ever experienced in my life. I shared my Dad’s last adventure on this earth when he virtually died in my arms. My Mom’s recent loss of life due to dementia was gradual and heartbeaking, losing pieces of her each week . But because of the approach to life I have come to embrace, I am able to manage life changes challenges with peace, and still carry a deep sense of joy and gratitude through the sadness.

You’re welcome to join my ongoing adventure

The review and Renew at 50 program is the compilation of what I’ve learned about living authentically. Hundreds of books, articles, websites, and exercises have been sifted through, filtered, and organized into a one-year program that focuses on twelve essential Roots of Renewal.

I am incredibly grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to be on this adventure, and I know that it’s an ongoing process. I want to share the things that have renewed me, and offer them to you in a manner that’s easy to understand, has lots of built-in space to let things absorb so that you, too, can be renewed going forward.  Few women have the opportunity to quit their job and invest four years of time and money into this process. It is my hope that, with much of the work having now been done for you, you’ll dedicate one year to your own adventure.

I have created a community of women who will support each other during this significant life transition. And I want each woman in the Review and Renew at 50 community to be a role model for living authentically and sharing their purpose, joy, and peace; and to have a positive influence on the world.