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Review & Renew at 50, Pre Registeration

If you are interested in the Review and Renew at 50 Personal Growth Program and would like to pre-register, please submit the following information. You will be kept up to date and informed when registration opens in mid-December.

Roots of Renewal

I have chosen to use the term “Roots of Renewal” to refer to the twelve personal growth topics we will explore throughout the year. They act as the foundation to peace, joy, and purpose as we transition into our 50’s.

Trees are a powerful representation of growth and renewal. The Review and renew at 50 Program is very much connected to the metaphor of the life cycle and structure of trees and plants. The leaves represent our experiences over the past 50 years. The newer they are, both leaves and experiences, the more life and vibrancy they have. As with leaves in autumn, our experiences in life fade and fall out of our vision. When leaves fall to the ground it does not mean they no longer have purpose. They provide new life as they nourish the roots when they turn to compost, and the cycle is continuous. This cycle is just like all of our life experiences. The memory of our experiences can be forgotten, but they have all contributed to our ongoing growth and who we are today. The trunk and the branches of the tree represent how much we have grown and what we contribute to others. The bigger a tree gets, the more shade it can provide, the more fruit it can produce, and the more protection it can offer. The more we grow and develop our authentic selves, the more we can live our purpose and be helpful to the people around us. For both people and trees, a solid foundation is necessary for growth to happen and life to flourish. The roots are essential for the survival of the tree—they carry the nutrients needed for growth and keep the tree solidly planted when faced with external challenges.

The Review and Renew at 50 Program is based on 12 Essential Roots of Renewal:

  • Choose your perspective
  • Honour your authentic gift
  • Express gratitude
  • Learn from life’s experiences
  • Accept change
  • Live with intention
  • Create positive energy
  • Practice balance
  • Connect with nature
  • Play to grow
  • Embrace your feminine gifts
  • Celebrate and share

These are what I believe are the key elements to growing in a way that enables you to honour your true nature, and share it with others.